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MBS Benchmark (Multi Body Systems Benchmark) is a collaborative project dedicated to develop and maintain a standardized set of problems and procedures which enable easy and objective performance evaluation of multibody systems simulation software.

Despite the importance given to the computational efficiency of multibody system (MBS) simulation tools, there is a lack of standard benchmarks to measure the performance of these kinds of software applications. Benchmarking is done on an individual basis: different sets of problems are used, and the procedures and conditions considered to measure computational efficiency are also different. In this scenario, it becomes almost impossible to compare the performance of the different available simulation methods in an objective and quantitative way.

This work proposes a benchmarking system for MBS simulation tools. The structure of the benchmark problem collection is defined, and a group of problems is proposed. For these problems, documentation and validated reference solutions in standard formats have been generated, and a procedure to measure the computational efficiency of a given simulation software is described.

Citing MBS Benchmark

If you use this benchmark in your work, we ask you that you cite the following publications:

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